Reaping the Harvest of the Fall – Daily Recap

I rarely post on Facebook.

Last night after a remarkable day I felt I had a lot to share.

Some of the highlights include;

  1. Woke up at 5:30AM, made my bed and wrote my 5 Minute Journal (small wins)
  2. Ate a healthy breakfast and wrote two blog articles for current clients before noon.
  3. Quick 30-minute workout to boost my energy which fueled my crazy afternoon!
  4. A successful interview for a short-term contract project which I am excited about.
  5. Two hours later – phone call with an offer for the job =) woohoo!
  6. Strategy call with a Business Partner related to our prospective marketing agency
  7. Wrote 1,000 words on a potential business plan, 1,000 words of a book I’m working on.
  8. Saw Brandon Stanton, Author of “Humans of New York” speak at UNC-W about life lessons, personal development, and leadership. His story was remarkable to hear in person.
  9. Finished my day with a healthy dinner, wrote my “morning pages” at 10-11PM, and ran 2 miles with a friend to calm down my mind and prepare for bed.
  10. Time to reflect. I MADE time to reflect on my day, recall the memories, emotions, and experiences. I want to remember them as vividly as possible.

Today the momentum has continued nicely and productivity is at an all-time high. Momentum is critical to accomplishing major projects. A consistent effort towards specific goals is vital. Make sure you make progress every day.

I woke up at 6AM this morning again. Sure, I’m a little tired today, but you cannot rest in times of greatness. That’s when you need to be humble and remember what it took to get to where you are today. When you start seeing results and making progress, wonderful things will happen.

The seasons are a great analogy for life. Plant the seeds in the spring, water them in the summer and reap the harvest in the fall. Right now, I’m grateful for the seeds I’ve nurtured over the last six months, for all the blessings that continue to find me.

Point is – the fear I had of taking major risks to drastically change my life, was purely fear. I’m one day closer to a life that I desire to live and work which I want to do for the rest of my life than I ever have been. We all strive for self-awareness, and it is the most powerful asset you could ever possess or obtain.

Original Facebook post – 9/26/2017 around 10PM EST

I don’t share much on Facebook and am working on growing my blog as a place to share interesting content and experiences in my life. I was fortunate to learn about Brandon Stanton, Founder of Humans of New York this evening at UNC-W. I’m sure you’ve seen his images and read his stories at some point in the depths of the internet.

His stories are of the lives of strangers, but more importantly the power of listening to someone and allowing them to talk about things that are often uncomfortable to discuss.

The journey of his life as an artist is one I’ll never forget and I highly recommend his blog.

Today was an amazing day. One of those days where you feel a small sense of reward for the consistent hard work we put in each and every day. I just want to say no matter what you love to do, go 110% in on that ONE thing and pursue with all that you have.

On a completely unrelated note since I’m tired, today was the 2nd day in September that someone said, “You remind me of Tony Robbins”, or “you should be a motivational speaker”. I only enjoy helping people become better, and love the reference of course.

I love being able to think in someone else’s shoes and see things from their perspective. If I can help even in a small way, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been through and continue to go through my own problems.

The day I began listening to understand instead of respond, was the day I changed my entire belief system and put my life into perspective.

What a great day.

I started my blog because…

I started my blog because…

I always wanted a blog, and the more time I invested in my own journey to self-discovery, the more I realized that so many people are struggling with the same problem all over the world.

What is my purpose? What are my strengths? What are my dreams?

I wanted a place to share my experiences while acting as my support system through this journey into a new phase of my life. This new phase of my life was one I was embarking to make massive changes in my life to become a better person and no longer take advantage of the blessings I’ve been given.

I woke up one day realizing that my life was the product of other peoples dreams. Never what I aspired towards or dreamt of. When I started thinking from my heart and dreaming of what my life’s purpose is, I realized that major changes needed to be made. None of which have been easy. The process of setting small goals to improve my lifestyle and change habits that were limiting the growth of my life.

For me – joy, happiness, passion, and achievement play a crucial role towards those goals. Great satisfaction was achieved when I sold my TV months ago and began the habit of reading a lot, every day. I started to read and write for thirty minutes each before I would get to the office. This was a small but drastic change in my life. I found a new level of passion for writing. I realized the impact it has on the quality of my life, my relationships, and enjoyment I had each day. Though I’ve changed many other habits during this time, these are the two that have helped me become the person I am today.

When I write, I feel closer to achieving my dreams and fulfilling my purpose in life. After all, jumping into a career as a Freelance Writer from a few software sales jobs into the easiest transition or the wisest decision at the time. I’m still struggling each day. When I don’t write, I don’t feel myself, and that is when I confirmed any doubt. I made the right decision and will succeed at this. I have no choice.

Where to begin?

I knew little about professional writing before deciding to make a career of it. I had never written professional copy, ads, blog content (except my own), articles, but knew writing had a special place for me. As I continue to develop my skills as a writer, the process of mastering learning alone keeps my hand moving and head in the books as often as I can.

Clarity entered my life and memories became more clear the more I wrote.  I became more curious about the world around me more than I ever had in the past.

I started practicing…

I found this book called “How to be a Writer, by Barbara Baig and at first wasn’t sure what to expect of it. I didn’t know her but knew that if I ever wanted to achieve ANYTHING as a writer, I needed to practice. Also, going to a university or college to take a course is not an option, so I decided to educate myself through diligent research and learning from accomplished professors and authors alike. As I flipped through the pages it became clear I had made the right choice.

Barbara’s book aided me to cultivate a disciplined daily writing practice. After all, the most important aspect of being a writer, is, of course, writing. Her book inspired me to search into what she calls the creative and content mind to expand my capabilities as a writer. Some of these practices include; creativity, memory, observation, imagination, curiosity, and using the subconscious mind. Instead of only writing when times were tough, I began to practice and is what I credit for me writing this today.

So how are things going so far?

Freelance writing has taught me a lot about myself in a few short months.

Here’s a short list of some of the writing topics and lessons I’ve learned thus far:

  • SEO and Keywords
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Blog Posts
  • Article/Magazine Content
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Copywriting
  • Image editing/resizing
  • How to create Infographics
  • Basics of HTML/CSS
  • WordPress Customization

Let alone the time and effort spent on courses, books, and other resources to continue my efforts towards writing mastery.

Are you a writer? What is the purpose of your blog? What recommendations do you have for a new freelance writer expanding his business and portfolio?

I started this blog to be a catalyst for change while expanding my presence as a writer, blogger, author, and life enthusiast. To show those who are unsure that it is possible to change careers and succeed doing what you love. A place to share my journey into a career as a professional writer. Succeeding as a freelance writer is similar to that of an independent business owner or Entrepreneur. It is draining to handle pitching to new clients, manage current projects, meet deadlines, update websites, and handle all business matters all at once. I couldn’t be happier. I love the grind.

Lifestyle Writing

Lifestyle writing is exciting to me because it allows me to share with you the push and pull of life. The surface of my writing career has hardly been scratched and some days I wonder why I do it at all. For many of us, myself included, life isn’t easy. We take risks and then question every move we make wondering if it is the right one.

I end this post with a quote from Seneca inspired by my role model and Author, Tim Ferris. As Seneca wrote in his Moral Letters to Lucilius, “Therefore, we should decide what we wish, and abide by the decision.” “It is bothersome always to be beginning life”. This should have been proposed to me years ago, maybe I would’ve listened.

“A jack of all trades, master of none” is the mantra I’ve been proclaimed to live by for years. I’d master one thing for a short time and when a new idea came to my mind, completely shift gears and focus on something else. I wouldn’t push past the barriers of discomfort and drive towards new possibilities. I’d stick within my comfort zone of a subject and that was all.

You know what I think? I think my youth’s ignorance taught me a lesson. A lesson that I’ll remember for my entire life. A lesson of respect and appreciation for another’s way of thinking. A lesson to always remember in the end – the more wisdom and knowledge we have, the less we actually know.

Golf | Surf | Health &Wellness | My Journey in Entrepreneurship

My journey into Entrepreneurship begins today, on a gloomy Monday morning in Boston listening to my favorite music while writing about my future. After five years in the corporate world I made a tough decision to leave my company in pursuit of my deepest passions in life. I’m more than blessed for all of the opportunities I have had, but now is the time I start listening to my gut and make decisions that are of the utmost importance to my future success. Not only am I happy, I’m excited about what I can make of myself in this world that begins now!

I’m overtaken by excitement as I contemplate business endeavors that will shape the next phase of my life. I’m stoked to be joining the Shred Season team to follow my passion for surfing. It is the excitement of that perfect wave that makes it all worthwhile. The outdoor environment and nature allow me to free my mind to inspire creativity and a way of thinking that I cannot find elsewhere. Surfing enables me to connect with nature in a physical and spiritual way to inspire my greatest ideas. “A wave a day keeps the doctor away”, by Matthew Wetmore. But apples still work too. Shred Season gives me the ability to do what I love while helping people along the way. Oh and make some side cash, I’ve got bills too.

BoomTower Brands is a business I’m creating out of passion and my excitement for the game of golf. My first of many entrepreneurial ventures and easily the greatest professional risk I’ve taken. As Steve Harvey says, “You have to jump”. He sure is right. I dream of a place in golf where BoomTower is a recognizable name that the world sees as a positive, influential brand that promotes the benefits of golf, fitness, and entrepreneurship. It is a brand to represent the journey of amateur and aspiring professional golfers. Think of PGA Tour professionals like Smylie Kaufman, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Jordan Speith. They certainly knew how to enjoy their Spring Break at the remarkable Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas two years running. What else would they yell after smashing drives and chugging beers other than #BOOMTOWER? #SB2K16 and #SB2K17 certainly did not disappoint. From golfing shirt and shoe-less to drinking tequila and jumping off docks and boats, we were all at least a tiny bit envious.

As an amateur, the inspiration to be a better golfer resonates in many areas of my life. From the values that are so clearly displayed in the sport, to the genuine character that is most often represented by those who take part. These young professionals have the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world doing what they love. The challenges they face each day on the PGA TOUR are nothing short of chaotic. Staying in shape physically and mentally while competing on some of the toughest stages in the world is unprecedented. To me, this speaks not only to their discipline but respect for the game.

What do professional golfers and entrepreneurs have in common you may ask? Sheer tenacity to never give up. Never let the odds win. Passion and desire fuels’ them to inspire the world and follow their dreams. Professional golf is a leap of faith and courage. Same with entrepreneurship. It requires discipline, diligence and most importantly confidence. Every damn day. You need to wake up each and every day while reminding yourself why you do what you do. This is vital when life gets hard. And it always does, don’t forget that. Come up with ways to remind yourself of the true passion within. It is easy to be positive when things are good, but what happens when failure approaches when you least expected? Negative thoughts creep in like the plague. That is when you need to be 100% certain of your purpose and why. Remember exactly why it is you play golf or pursue an entrepreneurial life. This fire will continue to burn if you let it go out then move on. Go find that flame and ignite your life once again.

What comes to mind when you hear ‘BoomTower’? I need the advice of readers, listeners, golfers and entrepreneurs alike. Your feedback will help us cultivate a name that we can grow together to support our dreams of entrepreneurship and professional golf. You are the most important part of the business and journey of BoomTower. I visualize a future where BoomTower is a known leader in golf, health and wellness. Our goal is to encapsulate what it takes to thrive as entrepreneur, golfer or whatever your respective career. This takes willpower, determination, and confidence. So take those things and help me build a brand that we can grow together. Let’s support the next generation of entrepreneurs and golfers with the tools and information they need to succeed!

“Start with Why, by Simon Sinek – My WHY

Why, How THEN What

Simon Sinek has quite a rather unique take on millennials and business as he talks at length about in his book “Start with Why” which he published in 2009.  He explains how great leaders inspire everyone to take action.  At the surface level you may think that Simon Sinek’s book will be motivational in nature, and to an extent you are correct.  But this does not come without great praise and recognition of industry leaders and their stories.  My WHY has inspired me to become a better person and re-evaluate almost every aspect of my life.  Why am I working in Sales?  Why do I work in technology?  I began this rigorous analysis of my life inclusive of far more detailed questions I had never thought before.  It was intoxicating.  I found myself thinking deeply about exactly why I did what I did, and why I needed to change. I was unhappy in many ways that I was unaware of and the “Golden Circle” concept came to me at the perfect time in my professional life. What do I want to do? How do I want to do it? Most importantly, WHY do I want to do it?

As he repeats often, good organizations and people know what they do and how they do it, but great ones know WHY.  Simon explains how most people and organizations know what they do and how they do it but the WHY is usually unclear. I now study most organizations and what their WHY is. An organization that has a clear mission, vision and purpose often have a WHY that resonates well within the employees. One of my favorite parts of his book is the deep analysis around organizations that do NOT succeed or when their WHY goes fuzzy and they experience a split.  It happens, don’t kid yourself.  In my opinion, the analysis of failures is one of the greatest strengths that we have.  Understanding exactly why, how and what a company may have done wrong and being able to see that vividly is powerful. Learning from previous failures while applying triumphant innovative concepts is a formula for future success.  What worked before? What didn’t? What is working now? How can we apply it? How can we improve?

Apple is the ‘vehicle’ that Simon bases a lot of his ideas on. Apple is not a computer company, they are a company that knows it’s’ WHY, and happens to make computers.  I’m paraphrasing, check out his book for the actual phrase. That statement is powerful when thought about on a grand scale.  Why?  Maybe it is that Apple has trust, loyalty and one of the most recognizable brands on the planet.  Maybe not?  I think it is true because Steve Jobs and “Woz” had a true sense of purpose together.  When you big picture this and continue to hire a staff and inspire them to believe exactly what you believe, amazing things happen. Go study the company for yourself and see what you can find out.

Simon ensures that the material and content in his book very comprehensible.  He does get into some brain discussion around biology and how we are ‘programmed’, but to him, that is important to his message being properly internalized. There is also a sense of repetition for retention or enhancing his point, this is unclear to me. The type of enthusiasm and passion speaks volumes to how much he supports his own WHY and vision. Gary Vee speaks with a similar form of passion, maybe a bit more energy. The mutual connection is that of a burning desire for following dreams, passions and finding out your internal and external WHY.

This book is needed in our world today. His message relates to people in everyday life.  The significance of knowing WHY you do what you do, HOW you do it and WHAT you do is vital.  This will only open up your mind to ideas that you may not have previously considered.  Maybe you are unhappy and it took a bit of inspiration to expand your mind around exactly what you are doing and how it could be different.  My opinion:  We live in a world of opportunity that is thriving each day.  We see it in every form of life.  So why wait?  Why contemplate the decision of striving for a better future.  Would you rather take the path of least resistance or the path less traveled?  I’m taking the path that I didn’t know existed.  I’m creating it.  So in the words of Simon Sinek, “START WITH WHY”.