My Purpose

Navigating your 20’s can be an overwhelming challenge for so many of us. I myself have experienced tons of adversity, challenge, emotions, and experiences that have helped me establish my core values, principles, and characteristics that define who I am. My calling in life is to share those experiences, disciplines, habits, routines, and more importantly my life to help others overcome similar life objectives that we all struggle with.

Hard work and discipline are a requirement to live a major league life, with major league people. To accomplish this you must have clearly defined the roadmap of your life to ensure you are at heading in the right direction. I’ve overcome the fear of doubt in my career, relationships, friendships, family and more. This fear that the path I am on, the one I’m working so hard on, isn’t contributing to my purpose or calling in life. When I figured out ME, I realized how important WE became. As Tony Robbins says, “The secret to living is giving”. I like this because I’m now at a point where I want to contribute, learn, and share as much as possible with the world. We get one life, let’s not settle for less than we and the world deserve!