Founder and CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin Jeff Bezos enjoyed a short-lived few hours as the worlds richest person today.

“There are two kinds of companies – those that work to raise prices and those that work to lower them. We will be the second” – Jeff Bezos

Today marks history for Amazon and a guy named Jeff Bezos. Jeff became the world’s richest man for a short period of time today. With his net worth soaring up to $90.6 billion – he became the world’s richest man over Bill Gates. That is the single greatest accomplishment any one man could ever dream of achieving. Monetarily speaking what else is there?

It is important for those unfamiliar with Jeff Bezos to understand his story. Jeff Bezos was a man that sold books online from his garage and never looked back. He had one idea that he stuck with after leaving Wall Street in the 90’s. He has revolutionized the world with what started as a small idea to make money selling books online.

Check out the book “The One Thing“, by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan. I use to think multi-tasking was a good thing. Until I started accomplishing more valuable tasks in shorter periods of time with increased focused by removing distractions. The power of one idea compounded over time is invaluable. You may be the next Jeff Bezos.

This simple idea has compounded into what is projected to become the first trillion dollar company in history, says CNBC. We are lucky to have Jeff Bezos. We are lucky to have Amazon. If Jeff hadn’t started selling his books online from his garage and leave Wall Street, we may not be blessed with Amazon Prime and free two-day shipping, Amazon Video, Music, Amazon Web Services, and the many remarkable products and services that we have today provided by

With the purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon’s stock price is projected to double and continue to propel them into discussions around becoming the first trillion dollar organization in history. This race is discussed often between Apple, Amazon, and Google. All three are trending in the right direction, but with the recent purchase of Whole Foods, I believe Jeff Bezos and Amazon have taken charge. Of course, this is purely my opinion, but if you have the ability to even imagine the slight potential of what Jeff Bezos future looks like, it’s hard to think otherwise. We’ve got a lot of questions for you Jeff. We anticipate some remarkable developments surrounding the future of the Amazon and Whole Foods acquisition!

Your continued success and achievement is inspirational!

Jeff Bezos is not quite as philanthropic as the likes of Bill Gates, but I believe he has major plans in this to benefit humanity in ways he sees fit.

Bezos is also the Founder and Owner of Blue Origin, a private American aerospace manufacturer, and space flight services company. Maybe he and Elon Musk could join forces? Could you imagine those two minds collaborating together on space travel and the future of humanity? I view them both as the most innovative and forward-thinking minds that we have on the planet. Who’s next? What is next?

Blue Origin is a company Jeff founded to provide an opportunity for aspiring astronauts a glimpse of the future and an opportunity to pioneer humanity into other worlds in space.

I’ll do some further investigation and research to learn more about the purpose of Blue Origin – I’ll repost with updates.

To summarize, Jeff Bezos and Amazon made history today. I visualize the future of Amazon to become the first trillion dollar company on the market. What is he up to? What is happening with Whole Foods?

Can I place my entire grocery order in this small coastal town in NC and have my food delivered? Automatically? Can I avoid checking out at a grocery store and enjoy a fully automated shopping or checkout experience?

What’s next? What is Bezos planning for Whole Foods? Are we going to see Whole Foods completely taking over the retail supermarket industry? Are we entering an era where we don’t even need to leave our homes to go grocery shopping? No car? No problem, hop onto Amazon Grocery and have someone deliver your food when it is convenient for. I think that is just the beginning of the acquisition.

Where do you see the future of Amazon?

What do you like most about Amazon?

Is there anything you are worried about?

Why did Amazon purchase Whole Foods?

Let’s chat about the future. The future of Amazon, Whole Foods, and the future of humanity. This is how we spark ideas that can change the world and leave the greatest impact. Collaboration and futuristic, idea generating conversations.

At this pace, I believe that Jeff Bezos will become the richest man in the world and remain there for quite some time. As long as he doesn’t lose focus and invest his wealth too heavily in space with Blue Origin… It’s hard to build wealth from space… I’m not sure Mars has the same currency…

But hey – everyone doubted Elon Musk with Tesla – so let’s be optimistic and change the world instead of complaining about it.

Innovate Adapt or Die

InnovationYou want to change the world? Recognize the fact that innovation does not exist without the interaction of people. You want to inspire the world and surround yourself with leaders and create a way to approach them in a way that they cannot say no. Provide them the help they did not know was needed or existed. Is there a reason that our society is lopsided with 1% of people having the greatest wealth? Are they happy? Maybe they are, but to me, I find the inspiration in the journey towards personal success. It’s only when personal victories are met that we can begin to strive toward successful interdependence. If you want to be in a position to innovate, inspire and change the world then do it! Put words to your mission in life and begin establishing action items to fulfill your purpose… Two books that dramatically impacted my life are “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, by Stephen Covey, and “How Successful People Think”, by John C. Maxwell. There were many crucial takeaways for me from these books, including how to understand and apply new information into my life. One, you CAN change your thinking. Big picture thinking is step number one. To conceptualize your life and define your vision is an absolute must but this does not come easy. The ability to do so will then lead to other ways to think differently, this includes focused thinking, creative thinking, reflective thinking, possibility thinking and more. The difficulty was in changing the way my brain thought about almost every aspect of my life. I had disciplines and habits that were deeply rooted from childhood. It was time to change these habits once and for all. I did this through continual and repeated testing and learning of each different mode of thinking to put these concepts into action. I will be doing this for the rest of my life intermittently or until I find true success and feel confident in my mission in life.

Incorporating the habits of effective people Stephen Covey describes changed my life, “Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, and put first things first” being the first three. These habits, in particular, helped me evaluate what I valued most deeply. I learned how to focus on doing what is truly important over everything else. I would recommend clearly writing, revising and defining your personal mission/vision in life whenever you feel it in your gut that it is time to change. Write it down and speak from the heart when writing it. You may realize your time and effort each day may be spent towards actions that contribute little to your personal bottom line. Your success in the one life you have. These actions may be preventing you from taking yourself to the next level and to become better at what you’re already great at. Are you an artist? In real estate? An investor? A recruiter? Or maybe you’re a mountaineer. It does not matter. What matters is that you are in control of your life and that each and every decision you make reflects your character and how you are viewed by society. I’m not saying to act as others would expect, act in a way that truly reflects who you are and what makes you uniquely valuable in this world. This is not easy, but with discipline and a desire to change you can achieve great success. As Nicholas Sparks said, “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”

As I divulge into lifelong personal development, I understand this journey will be forever demanding. We all have a unique strength that when enhanced will change the world. To me, the greatest achievement in one’s life is to become increasingly more useful to the world. I strive to be the 1%. The 1% that never back down from a challenge to be the best at who they are. If you feel you need more direction and clarity to your vision, read “How Successful People Think”. Use this book to help promote personal growth and understanding of your own journey and path in life. I’d then recommend “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to expand your mind and apply the new ways of thinking about life. There is no such thing as coincidence. To me, it is merely a result of wise decisions over and over again.