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Hello Everyone – I’m Matthew Wetmore and I’m here to share my journey with you all! The years after high school and college can be the most important years of our lives. If you’re anything like me this is not always clear. After high school, I  struggled to find long-term satisfaction in my life and career until I began focusing on myself, my strengths, and gained clarity on my purpose in life. The time is now for us to figure out our strengths, optimize our lives, and ensure our futures are filled with success!

I’m currently investing my time in perfecting my craft as a Freelance Writer. I am open to contract work and any content writing projects in a wide variety of subjects. I want to write for you! Send me a message and let’s talk about how I can help with your writing needs!


I’ve implemented some simple disciplines in my life which have had dramatic, measurable results I want to share with the world. As Bob Proctor said, “What you think about, you bring about”, and my goal is to think about my future through setting goals, planning my life, and enjoying every moment of the journey. Choosing to educate myself, think positively, and be the best person I can for humanity and those around me is a blessing.