What’s my deal?

I’m Matthew Wetmore but my friends all have different nicknames for me, mostly making jokes about my last name, can you think of a good one?

I listened to a TED talk about something called a multipotentialite, I think that describes me pretty well. It’s by Emilie Wapnick, check it out here. It’s basically a word to describe us who don’t identify with ONE true calling in life. Maybe it’s the information and technology era causing this, but I don’t care.

I’m a lot of things.

I’m a writer, reader, meditator, yogi, health and lifestyle enthusiast, businessman, craft beer enjoyer, blogger (sometimes), curious and creative human thriving to do things differently and find my place in the world.

Maybe you’re as uncertain in life as I am. Maybe you’ve also read as many (or more) self-help and personal growth books as I have. Maybe you’ve even tried a whole bunch of different things and fucked them up. Yeah, we’ve all done this.

I’m a person who continues to fail, get back up, succeed, fail again, get back up again, and continuously challenge myself in new ways to discover more about myself.

I don’t much care for labels, titles, especially those of which are obviously self-proclaimed.

I write about a WIDE array of topics of interest to me, some of which are quite controversial.

Please comment, like, and share my blog posts, images, and articles if you like them.

I’m available for written or verbal interviews and would LOVE to be on your blog or podcast!  Let’s work together and inspire the beautiful people on this planet to be comfortable in their own skin.

Oh and my all-time favorite podcast is the Joe Rogan Experience. Thanks JRE for the non-traditional education on life and for bringing some of the most fascinating and interesting minds on the planet into your studio!