Adversity is Either a Friend or Enemy of Your Life – The Decision is Yours

“The obstacle is an advantage, not adversity. The enemy is any perception that prevents us from seeing this.” – Ryan Holiday

Thank you to the “Five Minute Journal” that I write each day for this quote from Ryan Holiday, the Author of “The Daily Stoic“, The Obstacle is the Way“, and more.

Each day we wake adversity is staring us directly in the face – even before we get out of bed. This comes in many forms including; Physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, and more.

Now, however you view adversity – be it a challenge, an obstacle, or difficulty – can help you see the good in bad situations. Our most important memories in life are often those we make in the midst of emotional crises with heightened levels adversity.

This video below from Jocko Wilink will shed insight into how you can react during moments of doubt or uncertainty. I watch this in the morning and convince myself that my problems, frustrations, and more will all lead to results that will allow me to progress and grow in my life. The word “GOOD” will be forever changed in your vocabulary, at least it has for me.

The perspective of adversity often changes when viewed as an opportunity. Life revolves around taking advantage of obstacles and solving problems. A sense of empowerment will fill your spirit when you begin to overcome feelings of adversity and turn them into constructive obstacles that you WILL get past.

My entire life changed when I flipped the switch on how I perceived my failures. The learning process began which convinced me to the values that defined my life. Followed by a completely changed outlook on life.

We all struggle with adversity. Next time you find yourself with a minor or major moment of adversity, be mindful of the potential outcome or result when you overcome it. The fulfillment or gratification you will achieve when it is behind you will make it all worth while.

Remember, the obstacle is an advantage. Never stop learning from your mistakes, failures, and the major defining moments of your life.

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