Live as if you know nothing at all – Keep the desire to know more alive

I never thought of using Twitter as a source of inspiration until my experience with WordPress University – #everydayinspiration. I’ve since made strides to consistently improve my writing – opening up tremendous opportunities for freelance work to help me grow as a writer.

My daily writing practice has helped me realize my current skills as a freelance writer. With ideas flooding in each day I will be building my platform to share much better content, articles, newsletters, to display my portfolio of work. So any suggestions on content, blog posts, newsletter ideas, and weekly feature ideas – please comment, message, or share your ideas with me!

“You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.”

At first, this insulted me. What do you mean study to become educated to know nothing at all? I was naive. I took this at face value. I reflected on its’ true meaning which opened my eyes to the world of lifelong education even further. Life is full of energy. It contains powers far greater than our minds will ever conceive.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” – Socrates

Reflecting these past few months has helped me display the remarkable progress I’ve made in my life. I am confident saying my skills, passions, and purpose have become less self-centered to focus on helping as many people as possible in my short time here. After graduating with my Bachelors Degree I had so many questions on what was next – I still do. The beauty of all the recent growth, as well as personal development, is the joy I’ve found thinking about my life, future, plans, and goals. During this time I’ve identified my core values which I intend on living the rest of my life upon, expanding each to become the best possible form of that person.

The skills and experience I have gained are heavily praised by so many which I encounter each day including; family, friends, colleagues, strangers, and daily interactions. I often find that when I meet new people they feel inclined to mention how ‘wise’ I am for a young professional. Yet for some reason up until recently, my internal uncertainty had been eating at me from the inside out each day. This uncertainty led me on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and understanding of my life’s purpose. I was certain – however – of my mission in life. My purpose is to no longer be ungrateful. To understand how blessed I truly am. To share this as often as I can. Help as many people as possible. Learn as much as I can and become the best person I can with the life I’ve been given.

“Those who look ONLY to the past or the present, are certain to miss the future” – John F. Kennedy

Here is a little context of my past – I underperformed in high school (to say the least). My grades were poor – so was my attitude. Through middle school life was on track, I did well in school, only to slowly spiral downhill after. I spent a majority of my time with questionable people, making questionable decisions. Is that why I have all these ‘questions’? I used to be in such a rush for everything in life. Never enjoying the moment nor satisfied when I reached the destination. That may be why yoga/meditation have become such a crucial part of my life today.

I neglected my physical, mental, spiritual, emotional health for years. I came to this realization after high school but didn’t learn immediately. Lucky for me was a chance to go back to school and begin a career in the Technology sector. My uncle is CEO of a company that changed my life. This opportunity balanced with a college education built a foundation of skills I will be forever grateful – yet uncertainty was still lingering around the corner. I suffered in the sense of suffocating my intelligence by not treating my body or mind the way they deserved.

I began to see correlating effects behind what I ate, what I read, what I wrote and their respective counterpart outcomes in my life. These came in the form of habits, routines, diet, fitness, nutrition, business, financial, and much more. I no longer escaped life through my vices. I visualized what my life would become and knew change when imperative to my growth.

Since graduating college with my Bachelor’s Degree, I’ve come to this fascinating realization it was only the beginning. My journey into lifelong education remains the foundation of my life along with my core values, principles, and habits. The more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know. I develop new questions, immense and superior problems, harder challenges – this was my wake up call. Life is a combination of finding yourself while learning from your experiences (failures & successes). This philosophy helped me realize who I was becoming and how I needed to change that.

As I said – these past few months have brought clarity to my vision of the world. Hence this empowered enthusiasm, joy, and passion for putting 110% into life each day. I no longer feel restricted by the grasp of the influence the lives of others had on me.

“Live as if you know nothing at all, to keep the desire to know more alive.” – Unknown? – I wrote this in my journal one night, if anyone knows if this has been used before please message me,

The beauty of true wisdom lies within the knowledge we have to be humble and understand that we know nothing at all. Be the optimist – see the good in life – the bright side of things. We all experience negative emotions. Let them occur, try to begin viewing them in the light of opportunity. Bad things are going to happen, but there is a chance, somewhere somehow – something good will come from it. Enjoy the highs and respect the lows of life. Be proud and grateful of good moments and let the bad ones fade quietly and quickly.

This process of seeing what is right in the world changed my perspective on how I viewed others. I treat everyone in my life with the same level of respect. I remain humbled by each interaction. I am fortunate to be where I am, possess the skills I have – I remain blessed to be the person I am today. This constant reminder of appreciation, respect, and humility is what helps me to focus on what is truly important in my life. I’m not always perfect – I get frustrated, angry, or upset – until I remember what is important when it matters. To prevent a situation from escalating out of control. Be mindful of your environment and who may be influencing your life.

It is this level of humility which keeps me grounded when I need it most.  So, “you study, study, and study to find out life’s greatest gift of education, the wisdom of knowing nothing at all.” Good. The greatest gift we can leave this Earth with is never saying we wish we followed our dreams or did more. So many of us desire more out of lives. Don’t wait around. Life is nimble – stay on your toes, work hard and don’t sit around waiting for an opportunity – you’ll wake up wondering where it all went.

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