| The ‘write’ to remember |

Wrightsville Beach Sunrise
7/13/17 Sunrise @ Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina!

Why do I write?

This is a great question for me as I continuously debate the purpose of my blog. Do I err on the professional side or share more of the personal connection and detail of my life? I think a good combination of both will do well. What do you think?

Writing is my way of bringing together the non-stop flow of ideas and madness that occurs in my mind.

It is my way of not only expressing myself and my thoughts but having them join forces. I’ve found endless inspiration from a variety of books lately that have changed my life from all different platforms (Print, Kindle, and Audible). Every Author intends for their message to be interpreted well by the end but this is sometimes unclear. Writing helps me to connect the message of each book I dive into while incorporating the concepts, philosophy, strategies and more into my life (or not).

Not only is writing valuable to increase learning, but enhance the memories of your life.

The time I spend ‘reflective writing’ has helped me recall my experiences in vast detail compared to memories that seem ‘foggy’, not hangovers I promise (although plenty of those exist). As a twenty-something, I am enthusiastic and grateful for life yet struggling to clarify what brings me the greatest joy in life. Writing is either making this process easier or worse (I am not quite sure yet). It certainly helps to remember both the good and the bad.

Recently I’ve implemented the habits of writing a 5MJ (inspired by Tim Ferriss) and 3 long-hand  “Morning Pages” from the book “The Artist’s Way”, by Julia Cameron. These two habits combined each morning have enhanced my creativity and serve as a vital part of my morning to help me understand the responsibilities and goals ahead of me that day. Since the beginning, it has been a lot of ‘soul searching’ as I continue my journey towards sharing my gift of life with the world.

I ask of you the same question. Why do you write? What does writing do for you?

Writing brings me to life. I feel it is my way of adding the utmost value to the world. I write about my experiences, travel, emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, the past, present, future and much more. I find it crucial to write about my life experiences such as; Hiking Mt. Washington, snowboarding in Colorado at Breckenridge, or learning how to surf. It helps to solidify these memories in my mind so I can remember the subtle details that so many forget. I write to remember, but most importantly I write because it brings me joy.

One of the hardest things I’ve realized recently is actually hitting “publish”.

We all have this problem, right…?

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