Two days into my “Vacation”

As I sit outside with my absolute favorite breakfast from my mom (poached eggs on toast) I feel amazing. The world has been kind to me. I was dealt some pretty good cards. It’s around 75 degrees, I’ve got my breakfast, a delicious glass of OJ and my physical, mental and spiritual health intact. Let alone that, my family here and doing great. I honestly could not ask for much more at the moment, only to be a little more clear on how I will succeed if moving down to NC is in the plans.. This place is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The beaches, parks, outdoor life, golfing, and surfing – the list goes on. I’ve been here for two days, and cannot even begin to explain the experiences I’ve had thus far.

The grass is green… like really green.  The birds are chirping and people are smiling. I’ve made a point to smile at just about everyone around me and amazing things happen. People smile back. When I get my coffee, I ask he/she’s name and say Hi ___, thank you for my coffee and I say it with a smile. That shows them I care and appreciate their service. I plan to apply this rule to my business life as well. Understanding my customers, their needs and how I can be of service and help them.

My parents are so happy I am here and undoubtedly so I am. I missed them dearly and I almost didn’t even realize it. I’ve enjoyed learning about myself in Boston and having to ‘fend for myself’ or as most people would say just being an adult. I’ve always done whatever is necessary to succeed and had good intentions. Why is it that so many of the like-minded people I find always tend to feel my passion and enthusiasm for life. Life is incredible and we only enjoy it by helping others enjoy life too. Without other people enjoying life with us it would be boring alone. That is why the journey of learning about others is so fascinating. What they love and are passionate about. These are the type of things that build your relationships with trust and loyalty. These same folks often tell me “wow you are so wise for your age”, “wow Matt you are so smart”, or “You are going to be so successful, I can just tell”. I’ve had these conversations with people I’ve known for years and also some who’ve I’ve just met. Two of which happened within 24 hours which has helped me dramatically. We talked passions, dreams, ambition, life, accomplishments, failures and much more. Life is perfect at this moment. All while the stars were shining and waves crashing. Blissfully peaceful.

Time to start my vacation, it’s Monday and I know it will feel different than a traditional weekend day. Which means even more so I need to stay disciplined, focused and always remember the big picture of why I am here. One thing I started asking myself a few months back was, “What do I need to do for today to be a success?” and what I found is that the more you accomplish this, the greater the successes become. This is powerful, give it a try and see how it works for you!

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