Appreciation or Lack Thereof

Reluctant is not a strong enough way to describe my initial thought on listening to Audible. To begin listening to books was a foreign thing to me and I was unsure if I would retain the content in a way that would be of value. Admittedly, this was truly a mistake. I have since found immense value and appreciation for Audible books when I choose the right content for me. I’ve listened to quite a few so far, but one sticks out drastically more than others and that is: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie. Listening to this book narrated by Andrew MacMillan engages you through detailed stories and inspiration content. If you have never read or listened to his book I highly recommend it. This book has exponentially changed the direction of my life, specifically to show more appreciation for each day I get to thrive.

An example of this came clear to me yesterday. I found myself at the grocer in Boston after a long day of work. Mentally and physically drained from a remarkably productive day. I was mindlessly walking around the store to find some meals to hold me over for a few days. Chicken, Eggs, Greek Yogurt, Veggies you know, the good stuff to keep me running on all cylinders. As I approached the checkout counter this gentleman seemed in a daze. He appeared as a zombie merely checking and bagging groceries with very little stimulation. I approached him with a smile asking for his name as it was blocked by his apron. He looked at me, smiled and says “I’m Chris”, in a stunned voice. Then only proceeding to stop everything he was doing to reach out and shake my hand. It took him a second to almost remember his own name with a stare like that of a zombie. Christian was his full name, I said: “Christian I am Matt, it is great to meet you and I appreciate you helping me out with my groceries today.” He was an older gentleman and you could tell he was impressed. I proceeded to ask Christian how many folks had asked of his name or called him by his name that day. Must I even need to tell you the result? I was in disbelief as well. Not one person that he could recall had called him by his name that was on his shirt all day long. A very busy grocery store that been working at all day and must have interacted with at least 100 people. As I left him, thanking him again and wishing him a great evening. As I left, the gratification came from my peering over my shoulder only to see him smiling and chatting with his next customer. What joy.

The message I’m hoping to accomplish here is that maybe one more out of the hundreds of customers recognizes that a simple outreach and genuine conversation can leave a long-term lasting impact on that person.  A sign of respect. In my studies of success and psychology, I’ve developed extensive people skills’ and from this book I felt it was time to get my words out there. This helps me apply the things I’ve learned from minds far greater than my own. You could apply these same tactics as well. We all have potential in things that we are unaware of and this ability goes untapped due to lack of appreciation for the small victories in life. Moral of my story, appreciate more people and take chances on things you may be a bit uncomfortable diving into. It took a boost of confidence and dedication to start listening to a book, let alone start reading books again. They have changed my outlook and direction in life dramatically. So maybe if you start appreciating the little things in life, your mission and purpose may start clarifying to live a happier more successful life.

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