About Me

Hello, Everyone! Thanks for checking out my page! I’m Matthew, a Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur currently living in North Carolina.

Though I enjoy writing about topics relating to Lifestyle, I love exploring new subjects and expanding my horizons. I’ve been considered a “jack of all trades, master of none” in the past which through my pursuits has helped me learn a lot about myself.

I want to help your business create unique content, blog posts, articles, newsletters, and much more. As I continue to expand my skills and portfolio there will be much more to come. I am passionate about all things Business; so, however, I can help message me and let’s chat!

  • Health & Wellness
  • Productivity/Discipline
  • Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health – Meditation
  • Yoga, Fitness, Sports (Surf, Snow, Skate, Golf) and much more
  • Business, Career, Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship
  • Travel, Outdoors, Hiking, Adventures, Life Passion
  • Technology
  • Writing, Reading, Learning, Books, and Journaling

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